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We had been providing mobile iphone repair and other smartphone repair service from 2012 .

mobile phone repair

Below common issues can be fixed

Liquid spill damage ( Please don’t try to turn on the device , it may short circuit the motherboard )

Charging port issues

Battery failure

LCD/ Screen crack

Camera lens broken

Mobile Phone repair covered for Apple , Samsung ,Oppo , Xiaomi , LG and Huawei smart phones

Tablets repair available for Apple and Samsung models

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iphone repair


  1. Typical turn around time is 2-4 hours
  2. Please provide photos and detail information for quote ( whatsapp to 9357 8603)
  3. we provide original or branded OEM parts , we strive to make sure once repaired the device is back to original state for usage and it has a longer Life period
  4.  our repair cost may not be the cheapest in the market , Our rates are very reasonable and affordable
  5. Sometimes based on our experience will let you know if its really worth to repair if the cost doesn’t justify
  6. Always clarify if you have any further questions or doubts before sending for repair , so you will have peace of mind
  7. If you need a spare phone for emergency needs do check with us .( subject to device  availability )
  8. iphone screen repair cost varies based on the model, usually latest models are more expensive


  1. if your device is older than a year or two , consider changing battery  , so that it doesn’t overheat and damage the motherboard
  2. Devices which are  3 or 4 years old may not be worth to repair  , consider to upgrade to newer device rather than getting repaired
  3. Always put a good quality screen protector , cheaper versions available at online tend to overheat the display , so make sure the screen protector is of good quality
  4. Get a decent case with protection or shockproof if possible as it can help to withstand those minor falls



How to check iphone battery life  –Link

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How to prevent phone overheating –Link

Once you break your phone, it will never truly be the same?

This is a common misconception and it could not be more false! When you take your broken device to Phone Repair, your device will come out working as good as new! We use quality replacement parts and trained technicians on all repairs. We also sell screen protectors and durable cases to keep your phone safe from further damage.

Trust Minisq for all your iphone repair and smart phone repair  in Novena ,Singapore

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