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whitestone dome tempered glass issues and fixes for Samsung S10 and S10+ Step-by-Step

whitestone issues and fixes for samsung s10+what are the tempered glass options available for Samsung newly released  Samsung S10E, Samsung S10 and Samsung S10+ ?

right now in the market only one company managed to get it done for Tempered glass screen protector which is Whitestone dome glass

Dome Glass® is the Exclusive Tempered Glass Screen Protector Works for Ultrasonic Recognition of S10/S10+

They are the only one came out with Ultrasonic Fingerprint Recognition Technology

so whitestone Dome Glass®  is the EXCLUSIVE KEY to Unlock your S10/S10+ Ultrasonic Fingerprint.
Whitestone™ is the Exclusive Tempered Glass accepted as a partner for Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP)

advantages of using Whitestone dome glass

1. Using only ULTRA-Premium materials, WHITESTONE ™ DOME GLASS® offers the highest touch sensitivity
to all areas of your screen – especially the curved edge devices
2.An Oleophobic coating is used on top of the glass to further protect against sweat and reduces fingerprints providing unmatched clarity
3.WHITESTONE ™ utilizes a patented liquid sheath layering process that provides edge-to-edge protection designed to absorb and distribute impact shock
4.Using Liquid Optically Clear Adhesive (LOCA) technology, our adhesive process heals and fills minor cracks and scratches on your screen filling in gaps giving it a brand new look and feel

Most common questions over the internet is – Does Whitetsone have issues with Samsung S10+, Samsung S10E and Samsung S10 ?

The short answer is S10 and S10E so far no issues , we had done 50 over installations and all went fine , very smooth touch and clients are overall satisfied with whitestone dome glass

Whitestone Dome Screen Protector Problems with Samsung S10+

Foe Samsung S10+ Whitestone dome glass protector had few issues

  1. The Fingerprint
  2. The screen started to have white patches at TOP side and corner

The overall percentage was like out of 50 whitetstone glass screen protector for S10+ 5% Had fingerprint issues and 3% had white patches issue

Whitestone dome tempered glass issues and fixes for Samsung S10+

Please watch carefully the video released for whitestone Step-by-Step installation video


1. Don’t let the glue flow to the bottom
2. Use your thumbprint for both finger print 1 and 2
3. after 2 days or 48 hours , the fingerprint sensor issues will go away once the glue hardens
so those who worry , just relax for 48 hours
you can slo try out the this steps which some reported had quick success for fingerprint issue with whitestone for S10+ screen protector
a. use your index finger to scan for fingerprint and then add thumb as second fingerprint and then delete and do reverse scanning and finally delete both and do the thumb scanning .
4. For the white patch issue , please get back to your seller , whitestone will arrange for replacement case by case basis , do wait for the second batch of screen protector which will arrive in mid of March around 18 or 20th

Where to buy Whitestone dome glass screen protector for Samsung S10+ in Singapore?

For now we are not selling it online as we let our experienced staff to fix the whitestone glass protector free for you

so please make an online reservation at Carousell and ten head to our store , Please find below link

Where  to buy whitetsone glass protector for Samsung S10+ ?

LINK here for booking appointment — Whitetsone MINISQ  

We are running promotion for Whitestone screen protector for Samsung S10 , Samsung S10+ and Samsung S10E

60 $

👍🏻Free camera lens protector worth 10$

👏🏻Free installation for Whitestone

✌🏻Please make appointment before going down Available for Samsung s10, s10+, s10e

Visit us at Minisq #03-58/59/60 Square 2 Novena 11-9pm daily


Learn more about how the fingerprint technology works for Samsung S10 series here

Comparison of Whitestone Dome glass screen protector with others , Have a look at the video and be confidenet to go ahead and get one for yourself , Whitestone protects your phone screen and is smooth and clear


23-March-Update : 

Its been a week now with second batch of whitestone dome glass for s10plus , so far the results had been promising , 10/10 all worked fine

No Glue issue , No finger print scan issues ..

Gets yours now , you can visit our shop or if you visit other shops do checkout if its second batch 🙂

You can purchase whitestone dome glass from our website and we can install free for you if you need help


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